Disable "Read More " Browser Clipboard Copy Paste Hijacking

I've noticed a few sites have some sort of copy/paste hijacking.

It happens when I notice something worth pasting to a friend. When I paste it, boom! They get the text I pasted, a few blank lines and then "Read More <url of webpage here>".

Honestly, thats just annoying. I know you have a site and content to protect, but if your content is worth reading then people will ask me for the URL.

Anyway, a quick search will reveal that the company responsible for this is called "Tynt - the copy paste company".

Blocking with AdBlockPlus

I find this rather annoying, so I disabled it using AdBlockPlus.

To do that:

  • Right click on the AdBlockPlus icon in the status tray.
  • Click on "Open blockable items".
  • Type in "tynt" to filter the results.
  • Select any item that matches and press Enter.
  • Select "Custom"
  • Type in "http://*.tynt.com/*"
  • Click "Add filter" to finish

Refresh the page and you should be Tynt-free!

Blocking with host file

Other people have gone a step further and simply blocked everything from Tynt.

If you REALLY dislike them, edit your hosts file and add in this entry.   tcr.tynt.com

Obviously, instructions will vary for Windows, Linux and Mac but its not hard to find instructions for doing so.


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