Convert FLV, MPEG4, QuickTime Mov, 3GP, MP4, VOB (DVD), H.263, WMV/ASF, OGM or MKV to AVI

Damn, all these years I've been using online converters like Zamzar to change from FLV/MP4 to AVI.

Despite their usefulness and ease of use, it kinda sucked having upload limitations and no real way of making sure that your video will be converted properly and quickly.

Not to mention the angst once you finally finish uploading the video and find out "format not supported".

Note: This post is a general information post and includes no details on how to install or use the mentioned programs/plugins.

This guy was certainly angry when that happened to him!

In comes AviDemux, an awesome little free program that'll solve all your problems and impotency!

Its a bit tricky to use at first, but it's a lot quicker than most video conversion programs which need to recompress the whole file which takes bloody long.

Better yet, you don't even need to install it. Just download the zip file and away you go. There's also an installer in case you're lazy.

There is an alternative way doing the same thing using VirtualDub, but I found more trouble than its worth.

Firstly, grab the latest copy of DShowInputDriver and throw it into the . This will allow VirtualDub to load files which use the DirectShow filter on your computer.

The problem is that you have to force it to use that plugin every time you want to load the video. I use VirtualDub for all my video editing purposes, but this is too clunky for my liking.


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