Disable annoying social media bars on websites

I hate these annoying little social bars that try to be helpful but just aren't. They take up my vertical real-estate and don't really do much for me.

Not sure what I'm talking about?

This shit!

If you're using Firefox, make sure you've got AdBlock Plus installed first. It also comes in Chrome flavour if that's what you're using.

You'll soon wonder how on earth you've made it this far on the internet without it.


Once you've got it installed, go to "Tools" > "AdBlock Plus Preferences".

It'll give you a big scary list. Go to "Filters" > "Add filter".


Now prepare to do some typing. The following are a list of annoying social media bars that I've blocked. I'll occasionally come back and add more bars to this list.

  • http://*.wibiya.com (Wibiya)
  • http://*.hellobar.com (HelloBar)
  • http://*.skysa.com (Skysa)
  • http://cim.meebo.com (Meebo)
  • ##div#meebo.meebo-00 (Also needed for Meebo)
  • http://*.complex.com (Complex Media Network)
  • ||meebo.com^ (Post-Google acquisition Meebo)
  • ||meebocdn.net^

Press OK to save. Refresh the page and the bars should be gone!

If you find any others, paste a link to a page using it and I'll update the post.


*update 16/03/2011* Added Complex Media Network

*update 06/02/2013* Added Post-Google acquisition Meebo

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