PS3: Install kmeaw CFW 3.55 with MultiMan for homebrew and backup loader support

There is a newer firmware and guide to install CFW 4.40 Rogero CEX CFW (v1.02b). It's much easier to copy and load games, so there's no point to continue reading this out-dated tutorial.

Homebrew support for the PS3 has become amazingly easy to install over the last couple of months. Now that Sony has finally put their foot down about it, the hacking progress has slowed.


To install homebrew, you'll need the following ingredients:

*update 29/05/2011* You can use multiMAN for copying games.

Optionally, you can "Awesome File Manager" for copying files over to the PS3. I prefer this over the FTP function in multiMAN because all my stuff is connected via wireless which is a bit slow.

Note: A lot of older tutorials will also say you require LV2 patcher. This is no longer required as multiMAN includes it.

Note: If you do not want to download a pre-patched firmware package, then you can follow the steps on the first link under the Sources section.


Now the slightly worrying part. It's ok, this firmware has a very slim bricking rate compared to Waninkoko's first attempt. Currently runs fine on my fat PS3.

The following steps will require you to know how to update your PS3 firmware via USB. Do not download or install any firmware newer than 3.55! They are not hackable!

First, you HAVE to upgrade to 3.55 OFW (official firmware). Do not skip this part as you will risk bricking. When ready, proceed to installing kmaew's CFW.

  • Extract "PS3UPDAT.PUP" from "PS3_355_KMEAW_CFW.RAR" and place it on your USB in the "usb://PS3\UPDATE" folder.
  • While you're at it, extract multiMAN and BDEMU-355.pkg to "usb://".

Your structure should now look like this.

  • Now you're ready to install CFW!
  • Install kmeaw the same way you install OFW. It doesn't need to be in recovery mode for this to work.
  • After the PS3 reboots, go to your "Game" menu.
  • You'll see a new option called "* Install Package Files"
  • Install multiMAN.
  • Install BDEMU-355.pkg.
  • Install Awesome File Manager.

Installing Games

Now you're ready to install games homebrew! Woohoo!

*update 29/05/2011* Mad noob, I didn't fully read the instructions for multiMAN.

* Proper structure:

So copy the games onto your USB into a folder called "GAMES".

Once it's done, plug it in and start up multiMAN. The game should appear on the list of games. Press O to copy it over to your hard drive. It'll take a while.

Make sure that games go into "/dev_hdd0/GAMES", not "/dev_hdd0/game".

Now there are two ways of doing this.

multiMAN offers an FTP feature where you can connect to your PS3 and upload directly to the GAMES folder via FTP. If this works for you, enjoy!

I find it faster and easier to copy via USB. Whatever game you've downloaded, throw it anywhere onto the USB drive and use Awesome File Manager to copy things across.

*update 29/05/2011* Now optional, since I figured out how to copy via multiMAN. Skip to the "Running games" section.

(optional) It is a little tricky to use at first though, but here's the general instructions for Awesome File Manager.

On the left you will have the source file/folders, while on the right you have the destination folder.

  • While the left side is selected, press Up/Down to navigate around and X to dig into a folder.
  • Go into /dev_usb***, which will be your USB drive.
  • Find your game folder and keep the selection there.
  • Then press Right to highlight the destination folder. It should turn yellow.
  • Go to /dev_hdd0/GAMES

Now by default, normal mode will only let you copy from /dev_usb to /dev__hdd0/game.

  • Press SELECT to change it to Advanced Mode. The screen will turn red.
  • Press O to copy the folder over.
  • Press START to confirm (or Triangle to cancel if it was accidental)
  • Once done, exit via the PS button menu.

Running Games

The fun bit now that all the setup is out of the way.

Every time you start your PS3 you'll have to do this.

  • Make sure you have a legit game disc in the PS3. This is required.
  • Start multiMAN.
  • Select the game and load it.
  • The PS3 menu will appear again, but with one difference. Instead of the official disc you have in the PS3, it'll show as the game you loaded in multiMAN instead!
  • Now just start it as you usually would with a normal disc.
  • Enjoy!

It's party time!

Problem: "multiMAN cannot enable BD-ROM emulator. Functionality may be restricted."

I got this error because I did not have BDEMU-355KM installed. As of multiMAN 1.16, deank removed those files from his releases.

Just make sure you install "BDEMU-355KM.pkg" and you'll be fine.

Note: If you're searching the web for that file, make sure it has the "KM" at the end!

We're using kmeaw (KM) CFW and not Wutangrza (WT) CFW. If you install the wrong one, things can only end badly.


*update 29/05/2011* Updated instructions on how to copy via multiMAN.

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