Asus EEE PC: Replacing the 1005HA keyboard

I got a 2nd hand EEE PC cheap because the keyboard was defective. Either buttons wouldn't work or it'd repeat itself and flood the screen with crap.

Hoping that it was simply a software issue, I loaded up Linux via live boot and it was still stuffed. Unplugged and checking the wiring on the keyboard didn't fix it either =\

But alas, I ordered a replacement keyboard from At the time of purchase it was the cheapest one I could find at only $32.99 with free shipping!

The brand spankin' new keyboard arrived nicely packaged and quickly. Then I got to it!
I soon discovered that the keyboard didn't fit properly! FUUUUU!

Note: Don't force it in coz it's a bitch to get out!
What you'll need
  • A replacement keyboard
  • Something sharp, like a pin


Guess it's an issue with using the 1008HA compatible keyboards because it had an extra 2 black plastic clips at the bottom near the space bar.


To fix this, get a pair of nail clippers or something small and just snap them off. It should just crack off, but if it doesn't then twist a little.

Now the keyboard should be able to sit comfortably in your netbook.

Out with the old

  • First, remove your battery by unlocking the right clip.
  • Then hold the left clip to the left while pulling the battery out. It should slide out easily.
  • Now looking at the back of the laptop, there are 4 metal clips you have to pry open. Click on the picture to see where they are.
clips - all
  • Close up pictures
clips - left clips - middle clips - right
  • Note: the first 2 clips face left, and the other two face to the right.
  • Grab your pointy sharp object and start prying. I used my old maths compass. You don't have to bend them much.
compass clips - pry left clips - pry right
  • Once you've opened up the 4 clips, flip the EEE PC around in your hands and look at the keyboard.
  • The highlighted areas have double-sided tape on the back of the keyboard to keep it in place. This may make you worry a little when removing the keyboard.
keyboard in
  • Now place your fingernail under the ESC key.
  • Gently pull the key up and it should lift the corner of the keyboard up with it.
keyboard - pry
  • While you lift, try to run a finger from your other hand from the left along to the right side of the keyboard.
  • When you start feeling like it's stuck, don't worry its just the sticky tape. Just keep going and it'll pop off by itself.
  • When the top half of the keyboard is free, gently pull it towards yourself. The sticky tape on the bottom left corner should come off easily.
keyboard - residue
Keyboard residue 
  • Be careful not to damage the keyboard ribbon.
This ribbon came from the old keyboard (has a fold on it)
  • Now hold the keyboard in one hand as you use the pin to push the little black clips up (away from you, towards the screen) with the other, freeing the ribbon and removing the old keyboard.
ribbon - clipped

In with the new

  • Now curve the new keyboard ribbon around so it points towards you.
  • Holding it like this makes it a lot easier to put it into the keyboard slot.
ribbon - hold ribbon - hold behind
  • Slot the keyboard ribbon into the slot and use the pin to close the clips.
  • Slip the bottom of the keyboard back into the laptop and lay it down so the top fits in, carefully folding the ribbon.
  • Press on the keyboard so it sticks to the double sided tape.
  • Hold the keyboard against the laptop as you turn it around to bend the 4 metal clips back into place.
  • Once that's done, close the lid and put the battery back in.
  • Remember to lock the battery!
  • Fire it up and test out your new keyboard!
It should be an absolute delight to use!

Update 16/10/2012: Thanks to Anonymous for that little clarification =)

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