Firefox 4: Disable auto update of addons

This was completely unknown to me until a certain much-used Firebug feature was removed.

HTML preview feature available again in Firebug 1.8

They had pushed out a security update but removed the HTML preview feature which I use quite often due to my work with AJAX/JSON.

Fuck, what was I to do?

First, prevention is always better than a cure. Stop the automatic updates!

  • Open up your addons manager (Firefox > Add-ons)
  • In the top right, click on the cog icon
  • Untick "Update Add-ons Automatically"
  • For safe measures, also click on "Reset All Add-ons to Update Manually"

imageDon't worry. Firefox still looks for updates and tells you when they're available. This way, you can read the change log before it's applied.

The second thing to do is Firebug specific. Go to the site and download 1.8beta4. It works fine so install it.

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