Android SDK: Move the location of virtual machines

Holy cow, because Windows Vista/7 keeps eating up my space on C:, I had to look for what was eating up my space.

To my surprise, "C:\Users\twig\.android\" was also taking up quite a bit of space also.

So, I decided to move it.

By default, the environment variable ANDROID_SDK_HOME points to "C:\Users\twig\" (Windows Vista/7, should be different for XP).

To change yours (on Windows 7):

  • Right click "My computer"
  • "Properties"
  • "Advanced system settings"
  • "Environment Variables"
  • Make sure that the Android SDK is not currently open
  • Now you can change it to what you want. I wanted to move it to "D:\Android\"
  • Now move your ".android" folder from "C:\Users\twig" to "D:\Android\"
  • Open up all the ".ini" files in the ".android\avd" folder
  • And finally, change the "path=" variable to work with the new path you've chosen.

That should be it! You can now fire it up and give it a test run.

Behold - the power of moving things around!


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