Firefox 4: Disable switch-to-tab

The "switch to tab" feature is one of those improvements I believe didn't need to happen.

It has our best interests at heart but does a sloppy job of helping out.

What I sometimes do is load a dev page in one tab and keep it open. Then I make some changes and open a new tab to compare the changes.

The "switch to tab" feature makes it impossible for me to do this! A "feature" that prevents me from doing my job efficiently just has to go.

There is a bloody long discussion about this feature in the mozillazine forums but to be honest, it's too long and I didn't bother reading the whole thing.

Add-on solution

If you want to disable this feature permanently, there are 2 add-ons that will do it for you. I'm unaware of how they work or how compatible they are with Firefox 5. See addons below in the sources section.

Non-addon solution

Personally, I didn't know but you can simply hold "Shift" while hovering your mouse over the "switch to tab" item.

It'll hide the switch-to-tab items and display the URLs as normal.



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