Facebook: Ignoring privacy settings for ads shown by third parties

So one day I was reading an article on Engadget and noticed something on the right side column...


Yep, Facebook activity! Creepy stuff... But I do vaguely remember taking the time to go through all my privacy options at once stage to disabling these sorta things.

So yet again I ventured off searching through the labyrinth. When I finally found the settings for friends and third party...

image http://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=ads&section=social



As expected, my settings were actually correct. Unsurprisingly, Facebook has decided to simply ignore the settings.

Fuck them cunts! I've had it!

I've removed or falsified the majority of my personal information, unliked/unlinked pages, uninstalled apps/games and removed interests.

If they're gonna just sell my shit off without respecting privacy options then I'll do my best to make it harder for them.

Considered closing my account, but I've some dev related things tied to it...

Fuck them cunts.

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