Opera Browser: Change next tab keyboard shortcut

I like to use the keyboard where possible. In Firefox, I set my Ctrl+Page Up/Down buttons to switch between tabs so I don't have to reach for my mouse as much.

However, when I tried to do this on Opera... god damn wut!? This is one of the cases where it's harder than it should have been.

Firstly, find the settings dialog by:

  • Going to Opera > Settings > Preferences (Ctrl + F12)
  • Advanced > Shortcuts
  • if you haven't already, under "Keyboard setup" make a duplicate of "Opera Standard". I named mine "Opera Standard (modified)".
  • Select the new scheme then press "Edit".


Try not to gasp when you see this hideous dialog.

Type in "page" to start filtering the options.


  • Under "Application", search for "Switch to next page".
  • In the left column, double click it and paste in "ctrl + PageDown" (it's case sensitive!)
  • As for "Switch to previous page", paste in "ctrl + PageUp".

It should now look like this:


Alright! Confirm to exit and it should apply straight away.

I really hope Opera takes the time to polish these features as Firefox has become buggy and downright stupid after adopting the rapid release schedule.

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