Diablo 2: Getting PlugY to work on patch v1.13d

Sad to say it, but I've been hooked on a 11yr old game again. The latest patch however is not compatible with many hacks and mods. At time of writing, the latest patch is 1.13d.

One of the most popular mods being PlugY, which increases your stash size and allows you to get Ladder/Online Only rune words in single player mode.

To get it working, you'll need to downgrade. Sorry, I don't know of any other way.

Ingredients needed for this cube recipe are:

Rather than reinstalling, simply download and install D2SE. When you run it, it'll let you select which version you can switch to.


  • Select "1.13c LOD Vanilla". This will reset your install back to v1.13c.
  • Click on "Start D2" to make sure the game still works. Since you're on v1.13d, the save games should still show up even though you're using 1.13c.
  • Now Exit.
  • Install PlugY as normal by extracting the contents of the zip file into your D2 folder.
  • "PlugY.exe" and "PlugY.ini" should be in the same folder as "Diablo II.exe"
  • Edit "PlugY.ini" to your liking.
  • Run the game using "PlugY.exe"
  • If it's attached, you should see the PlugY version in the bottom right corner.
  • Load a game and if it doesn't crash after the loading screen finishes then you've got yourself a winner!

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