PS3: How to fix errors when loading PSN PKG games after upgrading to Rogero CFW 4.40 v1.02

After a lot of digging around, eventually I learned that the reason for this whole mess is because people were replacing eboot files to make games compatible with 3.55.

That made sense at the time, but when the newer firmwares started checking the eboot signatures, stuff started breaking.

So to resign the packages so they work with the newer firmwares, you'll need a special suite of programs.

At first I tried aldos tools, which seemed like a pretty good all-in-one bundle. To be honest, all I could really do was unpack some archives and check the ID of stuff. The installer didn't integrate with my Windows properly.

Then I tried RazorX's CFW Eboot & PKG Resigner. Looks noob friendly enough, but I had no idea what NPDRM meant. Couldn't find anybody that could explain it either.

As much as I wanted to use RazorX's utility, I could only get as far as resigning the eboot. For some reason, it just wouldn't repackage the PKG!

I was almost tempted to just search for the pre-fixed eboots until I noticed a reference to PS3 CFW 4.XX+ F.A.R. (Full Auto Resigner) Script. Just drag the PKG file to the script and it resigns the whole thing for you. Wow, this can't get any easier!

How to use it?

Download CFW_4.xx__F.A.R._Script_v0.5b .rar and extract it somewhere. Leave the folder open.

Find your PKG file and drag it over the file called "CFW 4.xx+F.A.R. Script (Drag Here).bat".

Wait for it to do it's thing. It's a little difficult to read the dark blue writing against a black console window, but wait for the terminal to disappear and you should have yourself a new PKG file (most likely with a different filename).

Copy the new PKG to the PS3 or USB and it should work fine.

So, repeat the process with any packages which don't work.

Time to get busy!


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