PS3: Proper fix for slow FTP transfer speeds over gigabit ethernet

The PS3 does indeed support full duplex gigabit ethernet, but it doesn't seem to automatically select it all the time. I had slow transfer speeds most of the time, but once in a while after a reboot it'd be fast.

Copying stuff and feeling like it's going nowhere? Yeah, I get ya.

But man, when it comes to the internet people sure do come up with some weird solutions.

A popular one floating around is to modify your (working) Windows settings and set up a special IP/subnet mask/gateway. Just do yourself a favour, spare yourself the pain and don't even try this method.

"Get a faster HDD". LOL harddrive write speeds are a limiting factor, but it wouldn't cause the speeds of 70Mb/s to drop down to 140kb/s.

There are suggestions of changing the FTP server on the PS3 or the FTP client on the PC. That's fine and dandy, but they're not really responsible for the huge drop in speeds.

Side note: I use FileZilla and MultiMan v4.30 for FTP.

Well Twig, do you have a better solution?

Of course! And here are some starting points. Make sure that...

  • You have an ethernet port that supports gigabit connectivity
  • You have at least a Cat5e (not Cat5) or Cat6 ethernet cable (read the writing on the wire). Cat5 does not support gigabit.
  • Your router is gigabit ready
  • Your PS3 isn't on the wireless network (This can happen if you ripped out the wired connection and the PS3 knows your wireless settings)
  • The FTP client you're using isn't limiting transfer speeds

If all those check out, then you might be victim of the PS3's buggy network speed detection. So I manually set the network configuration by going through...

  • Settings
  • Network settings
  • Internet connection settings
  • Custom
  • Wired connection
  • Manual settings
  • Speed and Duplex: 1000BASE-T Full-Duplex (or whatever else if you know exactly what you're doing)
  • IP Address setting: Automatic
  • DHCP: Do not set
  • DNS: Automatic
  • MTU: Automatic
  • Proxy: Do not use
  • UPnP: Enable
  • X to save
  • Now then test your connection.

If it doesn't work, you'll have to change the speed and duplex mode.

Otherwise, here comes fast copy-pasta!


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