A new coat of paint for Twig's Tech Tips!

The good old "classic" layout from blogger.com has certainly served me well since my first post on the 25th of June, 2008. Over the past 5 years, I eventually wanted more space for content as my posts and code snippets became lengthier.

After searching around for a nice free theme, I stumbled upon Ultra Theme from bloggerthemes.net. Applying a few tweaks and updates of my own to the theme, I finally think it's ready!

The main changes are:

  • Obviously the colour has changed
  • Wider body column
  • Wider right column
  • Updated blocks on RHS column
  • Moved donation blurb to RHS column & semi-fixed it
  • Ads actually fit in the given space now
  • H4 headings are now actually different to "bolded" text
  • Cleaned up some markup so it's quicker to load

I'll probably make more tweaks as I go along, but for now you can compare them side by side below.

screenshot_old screenshot_new

ps. LOL wow, still works on IE6 (mostly)

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