Firefox: Fix Firefox 20's stupid "show all downloads" dropdown

Dear Mozilla,
Thanks for taking the initiative to try something new.
image image
Regarding your new behaviour for the downloads button
I appreciate that you guys are thinking outside the square, but please consider eating your own dog food before sending it out to the public.
But it's really annoying when I have to go through a few extra clicks to do things that used to be straight forward.
And a big thank you for making an option so I can toggle the old one back.
Yours sincerely, Twig.
Much like this guy overtaking, it works.
But at the same time it shouldn't be this hard.
So, how did I do it? It's actually not that hard!
  • Go to a new tab and type in "about:config".
  • Paste in ""(as of Firefox 26 this no longer works)
  • Toggle the boolean value to "true"
  • Click on the "Download" button and it should work immediately!

Firefox 26

This release broke support for the old download manager. As a result, you now have to download an addon in order to revive this feature.


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