Win7: How to change back to XP style taskbar


Wow I can't believe I've missed this simple write-up.

The superbar is pretty neat, but it isn't for everyone. Someone asked me today how to change it back to the more familiar XP-style layout, with text and without the gayish OS X task grouping.

So, right click on the taskbar to bring up the menu. Select "Properties" to bring up this screen.


Enable "Use small icons" and change the taskbar buttons to "Never combine".

Thanks Microsoft for adding this in for people like us =)


  1. Well Twig,

    You missed a couple steps to truly bring back the XP taskbar, at least for those of us who love our quick launch icons...

    1, Ensure show hidden files is turned on, turn off hide operating system protected files.

    2, right click on the taskbar, choose toolbars and new toolbar, navigate to users > user name > appdata > roaming > microsoft > internet explorer > quick launch then click select this folder.

    3, right click on the taskbar choose lock taskbar to unlock it

    4, grab the separator next to the start button and carefully drag it to the right without wandering off the taskbar until your pinned items switch places with your new found quick launch toolbar.

    5, right click on the separator for the quick launch bar and uncheck labels, do it again and uncheck text.

    6, position the toolbars where you like them and enjoy your new quick launch toolbar...

  2. Thanks for taking the time to write up the info!

    I've separated some of the posts.
    You might be interested in these ones in particular:




  3. thank you for the follow up wallyb132. It was so simple. I really like having things where I can see them and don't have them popping up and disappearing. I know lots of people like the new task bar but I find it very annoying.


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