Fix Sansa c200/c240/c250 random song selection

I've been using my Sansa c250 every once in a while for the past year or so but only recently noticed that the songs aren't selected randomly, even though shuffle mode is on.

For example, the player starts up with the last song it was playing. When you hit next, it'll play "Song A". It'll then play a couple of random songs (eg. Song F, P, C, T, etc). When you turn it off (or allow it to auto power-off) it'll stay on the last song you played, "Song Z".

Now the next time you start it up, it'll start on song Z, but when it goes to the next track... it'll pick song A, F, P, C, T, etc.

I've looked online and found quite a few people had the same issue, but there were no definite fixes.
The firmware I had was v3.02.04A and its been a while since there had been an update. A quick search showed that v3.02.05A out. Unfortunately, there was no change log available.
Taking the risk I installed it and, as luck would have it, the random song selection problem was solved!

*edit - 6/1/2011*
I'm afraid the firmware update doesn't actually fix it but forgot to update this post.
Contacted Sansa about it, awaiting reply.


I have the v2 of the player. If you have a v1 player, the steps will vary a little so the you'll have to check what version you have prior to upgrading.
Installing the wrong version may cause it to stop turning on.
To check, go to "Settings" > "System Info". If the version starts with 1, you have a v1 player. See here for the firmware downloads.
At time of writing, v3.02.05 is the latest version and I'm using the "American & Asia Pacific Region" release.


  • Download the latest firmware here (link to v2 firmware) for your region.
  • Turn off your Sansa C250.
  • Put it on hold.
  • Now hold the rewind button.
  • As you hold the rewind button, connect the cable.
  • Keep holding the rewind button until the logo goes away and it says "Connecting".
  • Now it should be connected like a USB drive and show up as a new drive with the label "Sansa C250".
  • (There is another drive that appears but just ignore it)
  • Extract the file(s) from the file you downloaded and put them into the new drive.
  • Once its finished, take it off "hold".
  • Unplug the cable.
  • It should now automatically install the firmware and turn off.
Just check the system info again to make sure it installed properly.
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