Starcraft 2: Fix overheating bug

Its been reported that the out of game menus in Starcraft II will make your graphics card work harder than it should.

For reasons unknown, the menu screens (such as when you're signing in and selecting between single or multiplayer) are not frame limited.

This will make your graphics card feel like a fat kid in a candy store, feeling it can eat everything but ultimately becoming so obese.


Until it is fixed, I don't want to experience how much damage first hand a melting video card can do to my computer (or wallet).

  • Make sure SC2 isn't running
  • Open up "My Documents" (or "Documents" in Windows Vista/Win7)
  • Go into the "Starcraft II" folder
  • Open up "Variables.txt"
  • Add the following lines at the end



  • Save

Now it should apply the framerate limits the next time you run it.

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If you're having problems ALT+Tabbing, see here.

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