Starcraft 2: Association Required Fix

I installed SC2 earlier today before I had to go out. I come home at 1am in the morning to fire it up and it spends 15 minutes downloading and patching some stupid shit 3x over.

When its finally ready, the play button glows and taunts me to start.

"This account does not include an associated copy of Starcraft II. Please log into account management and add the game to your account."

Now comes 2am and I'm finally about to cry. WHAT THE FUCK?


Apparently Blizzard doesn't like it when you use a distributed release from torrents.

Well I'm fucking sorry Activision! The DVD is slow to install from and your digital distribution server is even slower because of the God-forsaken primitive internet we have in Australia.

All I wanted was to pre-download the game and play it when I get the chance... Now I have to go through the damn installation again :(


  • Uninstall (but keep your saves).
  • Install from the DVD or the digital distribution from your account and region (SEA, US, etc)
  • Now it should work.
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