Australian Stupidity: Compulsory ISP Level Censorship

If you havent heard already, Senator Conroy is a complete tool and wants to censor our internet.
Its an ok idea on paper, but it'll cripple our net up to 75% and the censorship will cover a "grey area".

Sooner or later, stupid lobbyist groups will whinge and want to add more things to this "grey area" so more and more things become compulsory on the censor list, making our internet more restricted, much like China.

This is a knee jerk reaction to a bigger problem. They are shooting the messenger rather than locking up the sickos producing the child porn in the first place. Lets all just hide it from the internet and pretend it doesn't exist.

I dont send these sort of emails out very often, but this blows chunks.
If I wanted censored internet I would of bought net nanny or moved to China.
Restricting the amount of information people can view will only make them dumber.
eg. hillbillies, texans, bogans, etc.

Please take a quick moment to sign the petition.

- Twig

ps. Honestly, I just don't want to end up in the awkward situation where my dad is going to ask me "hey, why cant I visit this *insert xxxsomethingfilthyxxx dot com* site?" or even worse, he'll ask me for ways to get around the filter for him.

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