Rockman X7 (Korean to English Patch)

I'm just migrating some data from the free webhost address so I can unsubscribe from their stupid spam emails.

11th of February, 2010
- Dr Cossack has been kind enough to upload the patch files to his server and allow me to link to them. Give a big shoutout to him on the forums when you download!

19th of October, 2008
- migrating data off
- reworded a bunch of things
- combined the info and screenshots page into one
- reordered history
- checked some links

11th of June, 2008
- fixed broken link to download text patch v1.1

29th Jan, 2006
- initial release

The translation was done by ripping the PS2 files into the PC version of the game.

The patch setup will overwrite your existing Korean files. I take no responsibility for any damage caused by these patches.

Back up your game before applying these patches.
Don't say I didn't warn you.

Please be sure to select the correct folder upon setup. Otherwise the patch just won't work.

You cannot uninstall the patch unless you backed up the original "data" folder. Simply delete the current one and replace with the original content.

Translated stuff

Minor defects/problems

Half-translated stuff

Download and install the English patches you want.
- Text/Graphics Patch v1.1 (28mb)
- Voice Patch v0.8 (23mb)

- Big thanks to xomegasamaster for uploading the files! Filefront kept deleting my files!
- An even bigger thanks to Dr Cossack for providing stable download links that will remain on the internet forever!

Spanish Patch (by Wesker)
- Text/Graphics Patch (link seems to be dead)

Version History:
Text Patch v1.1
- Included a file to patch the subtitles for the ending movie.

Text Patch v1.0
- Initial release.

Voice Patch v0.8
- Initial release.

Unresolved Issues:
Text Patch

  • Stage Select/Saved Reploids/Stage Options screen show wrong button to change screens. (R1/R2 instead of S and X)
  • When confirming selections, Yes/No is still in Korean.
  • "Game Level" difficulty levels are still in Korean.
  • Random underlining on translated text.
  • Load/Save messages still contain PS2 information.

Voice Patch
  • Voices for bosses are currently unchanged, until someone can help me out with it. (I don't know what the attacks are in Japanese/English).
  • Axl's voice files may be incorrectly ported.
If anyone can help me, please download this file and leave me a message on the forum
After a few years, I guess that link doesnt work anymore. I no longer have a copy of that file on my computer either.

Of course all this stuff is owned by CAPCOM since they made the game.
I just took the time to use the PS2 English files and replaced the Korean files accordingly.

For more information, or any bug reports, please visit the following forums: or
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