MyBB: Restore lost Administrator access

I messed up a little on the forums when I was granting access to users. I also changed my own access a little and somehow the controls allowed me to remove myself from the Administrators role.

Surprisingly, there wasn't a check in place to see if there were any other Administrators, meaning the board was without an admin.

So I took a look around the database for a way to add myself back in.

Luckily, the tables were described in the documentation wiki pages.

Firstly, get the Administrator group ID from mybb_usergroups. For me, the group ID was "4".

Now you'll have to update your own primary user ID to match the admin group ID. You can find that in the mybb_users table.

Armed with the correct information, the query you should end up with is:

UPDATE mybb_users SET usergroup = 4 WHERE uid = 1

Where user ID "1" is the admin account.

PS. The table names shown are assuming that your database table prefix is "mybb_".

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