Win7: Search specific folders

Its taken me 7 months (ironic much?) to realise that the Windows 7 search functionality is an UTTER PEICE OF SHIT AND I WOULD NOT PISS ON IT EVEN IF IT WERE ON FIRE AND IT WAS PLACED ON THE FOREHEAD OF STEPHEN CONROY.

At first, I purely accepted Microsoft was stupid and removed so many search options. I didn't realise it was possible with Windows 7 to filter searching by specific folders, so I started to look up alternatives. It was only until I bumped into a post on NeoWin which showed me it was possible.

What stupid fucken moron decided to add options into the user interface AFTER you've started searching? Look around your Windows Explorer (or Win+F dialog, since its all the fucken same thing now) and there is absolutely NOTHING to select what folder you want to search in.

Search will first try to scan your WHOLE COMPUTER! Just for the fun of it.

Only until you begin your search, Windows decides to show you more search options, such as "Custom" which allows you to specific which folder to search.

Oh look, NOW you give us search options.
Would of been nice to have BEFORE I started the search...

Clicking on the "Custom..." button will present you with:

The well hidden "Custom" search dialog.

This concludes yet another lesson on user friendly retardation. Please, if you're going to simplify things, stop fucking around with context sensitive controls. It's a pain in the arse to teach people shit already without things magically appearing when it feels like it.



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