Win7: GodMode folder trick to access all settings in 1 place

The Windows Vista/7 control panel is alot of things, but useful isn't one of them. I've complained about the control panel from day 1 of migrating to Windows 7.

Luckily, there is a "God Mode" shortcut we can create which will make configuration a tad bit easier. It will display all the configuration options under one big easy to access list.

This trick has a few names such as "Master Mode" and "All Tasks" (which is the name for it in the registry. Search for "@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-32538")


First, create a new folder (anywhere you like) and name it:


Copy paste that, its easier ;)


Once its been renamed, the grass will be greener, streaks of light will stream across your screen and leprechauns will dance on pots of gold under a rainbow.

Ok, I lied about that... The only thing that'll change is the folder name and the icon.

Opening that folder will show you this.

You can create the folder in some obscure place and create a shortcut somewhere. That way you can access only when its needed.

Apparently this also works for Vista x86, but as with anything Vista it only crashed for me. The trick on Vista x64 is reportedly broken for everyone.

*edit - 31/01/2010*

See updated post for more Windows 7 "God Mode" access GUID codes.

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