Facebook: How to create a limited profile list

In regards to the recent excerpts leaked from an IM chat with the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, my friend asked me how to change some privacy settings.

k: hey twig
k: do you know how i can get rid of some people on fb?
k: and chuck some onto limited profile adn stuff?
twig*: lol
k: new fb sucks i can't figure out anything
twig*: i know what u mean
twig*: umm lemme look
k: jsut went thru privacy settings. lol
k: i can't seem to figure that one out

To delete "friends"

To delete them, go to their profile page and click "Remove from Friends" on the bottom of the left column (where their picture is, but all the way down).

Just in case you had retard friends like these...

To add them to a limited profile list

However, if you're feeling merciful and don't quite want to delete them yet, you can add them to a "limited profile" list.

Manually excluding people in every post is a pain in the ass, so its easier to just create a list and add/remove people when needed.

This one is tougher to figure out, so some pictures may help.

Part A: Creating the limited profile list

In the top bar, click on "Account" and then "Edit friends".


Now under Lists, click "Friends" and then "Create New List".


Call it "Limited Profile" or something relevant to what you're doing and select the people you want to limit. Once you've selected them all, click on "Create List".

Part 2: Adding the limited profile list to your privacy settings

Calling this a mundane task would be a massive understatement. Facebook has made the settings very fine grained (personally I don't mind), but it takes forever to customise.

The extremities of the precise control given to an average user.

Go to the "Account" button in the top bar again and click on "Privacy Settings".

Now you're going to have to go through each category and fine tune what you want to share to limited friends.

An example of what to do is shown below, but there is no way in hell I'm going to write up what to do for each option. No doubt it'll change soon anyway.

A simplified example of the privacy settings page.

For each piece of information in your profile, the current setting is on the right grey button. Click on it and select "Custom".


Now you can customise your privacy settings. The top half ensures that the chosen people are allowed to view this information.

The lower half ensures that the "limited profile" people cannot view this information.

Under "Hide this from", click on the text field for "These people" and start typing in "Limited Profile". Select the option that appears.

You have no successfully blocked the people on your limited profile list from viewing that information.

Now save it. Rinse and repeat this process for the other 170 or so privacy settings.

Upon completion, its time to celebrate with a Tiger Woods fist pump!

Keep in mind

Photo albums however have a different set of privacy settings and are not affected by these changes. They can be set on a per album basis.

Yeah I know, sorry.


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