How a 500gb hard drive is actually 465gb...

I just installed a new 500gb harddrive and surprised to find it only contained 465gb. At first I thought it was the partitioning table, but then again it hasn't even been formatted yet.

Then I found a post on Wikipedia on how to calculate the capacity of a hdd. Motherfuckers. Seagate, Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba and Hatachi and any other fucking harddrive brands past or present, you're all fuckers!

Metric Drive Capacity O/S measurement
Byte 500,000,000,000 B 500,000,000,000 B
Kilobyte 500,000,000 KB 488,281,250 KB
Megabyte 500,000 MB 476,837.16 MB
Gigabyte 500 GB 465.66 GB

By dividing the drive capacity by 1024, we get the actual reported value on the right column.

I'm sure some fat pig with fists made of ham in the marketing department or management decided to sell less space for more profit and everyone joined the bandwagon, making it an industry standard.

The same thing happens with ISP advertisements of the offered speed. They will advertise kilobits per second (1000 bits, kb/s) instead of kilobytes (1024 bytes, KB/s).

A small capitalisation which not many people notice. Yet another way corporations are screwing us over. Fucking fuckers.

Us = guy.
Them = dolphin.

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