How to make an ISO from a CD/DVD

I was asked today how to install something from CD... on a netbook which had no DVD drive. Tricky!

It's tricky tricky tricky tricky tricky!

What you need:

On the computer with a DVD drive:

First you have to create an image of the disc you want to use.

  • Install Daemon Tools (remember to untick all that adware crap)
  • Right click the system tray icon and select "Disc Imaging..."
  • image
  • Choose a place to save it.
  • image
  • Hit start!

On the computer without a DVD drive:

  • Install Daemon Tools. You can start doing this while the other computer is busy creating the image. Remember to untick all that adware crap!
  • Right click the system tray icon and select "Mount'n'Drive Manager"
  • image
  • Copy the file over to this computer using a USB drive or over the network.
  • Right click on the virtual drive and select "Mount"
  • image
  • Select the file you copied.
  • Now you can use the virtual drive like a normal CD/DVD rom.
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