Synaptics Touchpad with Multi-touch

I stumbled upon this thread when looking for a way to improve Synergy+. Since my Dell XPS m1330 also uses a Synaptics touchpad, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to give it a go.

Alot of forum posts linked back to the HP's FTP site for a file named "sp47815.exe" which contained the v15.0.9.0 drivers. Everytime I tried to download from there, it would give me an empty file.

So I searched online for ages for "sp47815.exe" but found nothing.

I gave up and tried v14.0.3 from Synaptics' official site. Did it work? Nope.

Eventually I stumbled upon this thread on LaptopVideo2Go. Thinking that the latest version would just work, I downloaded the first one I saw and tried it out. Nope, didn't work.

The only one which worked for me was the previously suggested v15.0.9.0 driver.

  • Download the drivers from LaptopVideo2Go.
  • Uninstall your old Synaptic driver.
  • Reboot.
  • Extract and install the v15.0.9.0 driver.
  • Reboot.
  • Once its loaded, it'll ask you to configure to your liking but the majority of the features are already enabled.
  • If you accidently closed it and want to configure it, go to your "Mouse" preferences in the control panel.

Can't get much easier than that!


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