Android: Root your phone safely without modifying any files

When I first wanted to root the phone, I got alot of results pointing me to TGA_Gunnman's method of rooting. This method uses the Android's system recovery method with "" to replace files and run a script which modifies some settings.

I personally found it cumbersome and it didn't work on my Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000 (running Eclaire 2.1-update1 with Canadian firmware I9000UG JH2).

What's worse is that it required the .NET 4 framework to run a stupid user interface (that doesn't actually load, even with the damn .NOT framework installed!). In the end, all you really had to do is run the root.bat file (for Android 2.1).

  • Wasted time installing .NET framework 4 because the stupid program doesn't work anyway
  • Wasted time figuring out what script file to use
  • Wasted time trying to remove the files it installed
  • Wasted time because it didn't even work!

The solution

To get RyanZA's z4root working on your phone, first check to see if its supported. At time of writing, the list of phones supported by v1.3.0 are:

  • (permanently root)
    • Samsung Galaxy S (All variants)
    • Backflip
    • Sony X10
    • Xperia Mini
    • Droid 2
    • Galaxy Tab
    • Galaxy I5700
    • Galaxy 3 I5800
    • Droid X
    • Samsung Acclaim
    • Cricket Huawei Ascend
    • Motorola Cliq
    • Huawei 8120
    • Hero
    • G1
    • Optimus T
    • Droid 1
    • Garmin Asus A50
    • Motorola Defy
    • LG Ally
    • Motorola Flipside
    • Motorola Milestone 2
    • Dell streak
    • X10 Mini Pro
    • Smartq v7 android 2.


  • (temporary root only)
    • Desire (requires nand unlock)
    • Desire HD (requires nand unlock)
    • Magic (unknown)
    • Evo (requires nand unlock)
    • G2 (requires nand unlock)
    • Archos 70 (unknown)
    • myTouch 3G (unknown)
    • Wildfire
    • Droid Incredible


Firstly, you need to register to download the latest release from the official thread. If you're ok with downloading from an unofficial source then I'm probably not able to help you if something goes wrong.

Now copy the file onto your phone somehow. You've got 3 options.

  • Using a memory card
    If your phone supports it, just copy the file onto the SD card.
  • Using adb.exe to push it:
    This uses the debugger to copy the file directly onto the phone. I'm assuming you have it installed somewhere. Open up a command prompt and type in:

adb push z4root.1.3.0.apk /sdcard/

  • Using a file explorer
    You'll have to download a file explorer type app from the app market. Most people seem to recommend ASTRO file explorer, but I've personally never used it.

Once the file is on your phone, click it to install it.

Open the "z4root" app and click on the rooting method of your choice.

So painless compared to the other methods, especially without all the brick-anxiety that comes with the whole recovery mode updates.

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