django: Remove ugly "Thank you for your comment" message after posting comments

Django comments are really really easy to use, but one of the strangest quirks is that it displays a really ugly confirmation page after you've posted a comment. Luckily, its easy to fix.

image The first option is to prevent it from being shown altogether.

{% with your_object.get_absolute_url as next %}
{% render_comment_form for your_object %}
{% endwith %}

The second is to override the "content" block with a custom "comments/posted.html" file. That way you can fill it up with all sorts of silly messages.

  • Create "your_project/templates/comments/posted.html"
  • In it, put:

{% extends "your_base_file.html" %}

{% block content %}This is another silly message.{% endblock content %}

This way, you can still get your site's look and feel when displaying the thank you message.

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