uTorrent: How to fix the disgusting user interface changes in uTorrent 2.2

Look at that shit! Just look at it.

Here I am, updating my uTorrent to v2.2 in blind trust because in the past, their updates have always been awesome.

Not this time. They've fucked the UI and joined the app bandwagon. The fuck is this shit? For Christ sake, it isn't a mobile phone! Why the hell do I need apps to play games on uTorrent?

This update was a gigantic waste of time. Time which they could have spent making progress on the 97+ page bug tracker.

Looking through the first page of the forums, there was no problem finding other people who were even angrier than me about it!

Anyway, I'm glad they took the time to make a skin for us that brought back the v2.04 theme icons. It was posted on the release information.

  • Download the skin and save it on your computer.
  • Open up the uTorrent window
  • Drag the skin file into your uTorrent window
  • The skin should apply immediately

Beautiful again.

The progress bars are still retarded, but that can be changed in the advanced settings in preferences. Change "gui.color_progressbars" to false.

Please uTorrent, I've always advocated your use but don't do anything stupid like this again.


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