Samsung Galaxy S: Wifi no longer detects any networks and unable to scan networks

My Samsung Galaxy S decided to chuck a hissy fit and ignore WiFi networks. I believe it's because I entered in a blank password with the WP2 encryption method.

The WiFi mode comes on temporarily to scan, decides it can't, displays an error message then turns off by itself. Sadly, to fix this problem you have two options.

Factory reset

The first is to do a factory reset. I personally think this sucks because I customise a great portion of the phone to maximise battery life.

Rooted access?

The second is to root the phone and delete the existing WiFi settings.

  • Root your phone
  • Move or rename "/sdcard/data/wifi/bcm_supp.conf"

To move or rename, you can use "adb shell" and request superuser access with the "su" command.

Another way is to use a file explorer such as ASTRO file explorer which can be downloaded from the market place.

Once the file is removed, just do a WiFi scan again and it should work.

Happy go lucky?

According to skeerthy who posted in the second source link on, he was able to remove the file using "ddms.bat". Search for "SOLUTION - WITHOUT ROOTING" to find his post.

I didn't have any luck with that because the phone would not let me browse the "data" directory.


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