Belkin - Flawed by Design


This is what a Belkin Double N+ Wireless Router (F6D6230au4) modem looks like when it decides to become a brick.

By design, there is no way to manually set the date on your router. It has to connect to the internet and update the time from an NTP server.

Problem is, if it thinks the time is currently the Unix epoch (1st January, 1970), your ADSL provider probably wont let you connect. Mine certainly didn't.

So spending a few hours chatting to Belkin's passive aggressive customer service representatives came up with nothing. All their solutions assumed that I was able to connect to the internet.

Updated the firmware to an alpha release, no dice. Date still epoch.

Afterwards I spent another hour scouring the net for hidden pages in the admin website in the hope something existed. There was nothing.

I Even looked at connecting to the router via SSH to set the date (as my previous Netcomm and Netgear routers allowed) but the damn thing wouldn't let me connect!

Whoever it was that thought it was clever to implement this little catch-22 should reconsider revisiting this decision.

I'm taking this shit back. I don't want this pretty little paperweight and I'm putting this up on the Belkin head office door.


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