Windows 7: Fix for the retarded "Apply to Folders" not working with media folders

So Windows wants to make things user friendly. Well thats nice of it, but please we're good friends here. You can stop being so polite and just let me do what I want.

What I wanted was this; short, sweet and simple.

When browsing to a music folder, I get this... (Image from Tux)

The frustrating thing about a "user friendly" centric system is that well... it can be too friendly and just become annoying. Its like that kid in school that struts around thinking he's cool and friends with everyone, but the truth is he's an annoying little dipshit and nobody gives half a fuck what he thinks.

Ok, onto business. You've probably noticed that after setting up the perfect folder display settings, you applied the settings to all folders using:

  • Tools
  • Options
  • View
  • Apply to Folders

And soon after, whilst browsing to your music or pictures folder... realised that Windows 7 is ignoring the settings that you've spent a few precious minutes on configuring. THAT FUCKWIT!

Luckily, that can be undone. This is a 2 part process as Windows has saved the settings for each folder which you've tried to configure. To clear the old settings:

  • Navigate to "HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell".
  • Delete the keys "BagMRU" and "Bags".
  • Log off Windows and log back on so it can regenerate these settings back to default.

After logging back in, do NOT open Windows Explorer up until you have done the following. Now the final step is to slam that kid's head into the school toilets and execute with a single flush, using "regedit".

  • Find your way back to "HKCU\Software\Classes\Local Settings\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell".
  • Navigate to "Bags\AllFolders\Shell".
  • Add a new String value called "FolderType".
  • Set its value to "NotSpecified".

Now you can go back to Windows Explorer and configure your display settings one last time. This time it should set like glue.

[ Sources: Reset folders, Disable folder templates ]

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