Windows 7: Minimise Windows Live Messenger to Tray on close

MSN is alright, when its not silently discarding undelivered messages or still refusing to resume files which have failed to transfer. "At least it still looks pretty, right?", © Apple.

Anyways, in Win7 WML decided to logout and close rather than minimise to tray like it has been for many years now. Probably to help show off the fancy Win7 taskbar button functionality.

However, I don't really like having an unnecessary icon in the taskbar when I'm not talking to anyone during work. It plays on my OCD to check for messages =\

Its actually one of the first question everyone asks when they tried out the Windows 7 beta/RC. "Hey, how do I minimise MSN to the tray?"

So, to get the original "hide to tray" behaviour of the pre-7 days, simply run it in Vista compatibility mode.

  • Find the shortcut to Messenger (but don't run it!)
  • Right click and select "Properties"
  • Select the "Compatibility" tab
  • Tick "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
  • Choose "Windows Vista" with the latest service pack.

I really wish they'd put an extra checkbox so we could choose which behaviour we wanted. They can just default it to what they want, so we can change it to what we want!

Now, if only we could officially disable that hideous photo sharing piece of crap!

07/09/2009 - Remove photo sharing or use the updated A-Patch (Thanks BrandiniMP! Didn't know he finally added the functionality in)

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