Navman s45: Change or delete "My Home" address

By God I had so much trouble figuring this one out. Navman user interfaces are pretty frustrating!

At first I thought it an option in the preferences. Nope.

Then I tried the useless 270mb heavy NavDesk software. Nope, it ain't nothing but a store front for maps.

Finally, I had to resort to reading the FAQs on the Navman support site.

To remove or edit your home address, you have to first REMOVE it from your favourites.

Navman logic makes me want to cry!

  • Tap the bottom left to enter the menu
  • Favourites
  • "My Home"
  • Confirm with "Yes"
  • Click "My Home" again...
  • Enter in the new address
  • Save it.
  • Sell the GPS on eBay and use that money to buy something better.

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