PHP: Parsing SimpleXML nodes with namespaces

SimpleXML is one of the easiest parsers to use, but when it comes to namespaces, things get just a little bit tricker.

You'll run into them when you're parsing media RSS feeds such as:

  • FlickR (media:thumbnail, media:category, media:content)
  • YouTube API (yt:duration, yt:statistics, gd:rating, gd:comments)
  • or Yahoo Weather (yweather:location, yweather:astronomy)

They might be a bit gay to deal with, but luckily it isn't too much harder.

Namespaces, almost as gay as this guy.

The trick is having to gather the namespace children before pulling the element you want.

Using this short sample XML from FlickR.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<rss version="2.0"
<media:thumbnail url="" height="75" width="75" />

You can use this PHP code to extract the "media:thumbnail" elements from the RSS item.

$entries = simplexml_load_file('');
$namespaces = $entries->getNamespaces(true);

foreach ($entries->channel->item as $feeditem) {
$thumbnail = $feeditem->children($namespaces['media'])->thumbnail;
$attr = $thumbnail->attributes();

echo '<pre>';
echo "URL = {$attr['url']}, width = {$attr['width']}, height = {$attr['height']}\n";
echo print_r($attr, true);
echo '</pre>';

The code was based off the source from PHPFreaks, but modified to avoid using the URI of namespaces as it makes the code ugly.


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