TomTom: Activating Maps using tt7_keygen.exe

Plug the TomTom device or SD card into the PC.

  • Find the file "ttnavigator.bif" and read it using Notepad to get your DeviceID.
  • Create "Meta.txt" and paste in the 2 lines for the maps file.
  • Save this where the map files are.
  • Copy "tt7_keygen.exe" to the maps folder.
  • Run the keygen using this syntax: "tt7_keygen.exe ./ deviceID"
  • It should give "OK" instead of "There is no such map in keyfile 'Meta.txt'"
  • Delete "Meta.txt" and the keygen.
  • Move the map files to either:
  1. StorageCard:\My Documents\<YourMapFolder>\
  2. StorageCard:\<YourMapFolder>\
  • Safely remove the device and test it out.
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