Navman: Unlock your Navman GPS unit (Navman s45)

The unit I have is called the Navman s45 (S-series n207) but this method works for a bunch of other GPS units too.

Unlocking the unit disables the autostart on the operating system, revealing to you that its only running WindowsCE v5.00!

Now that you got control of the system before it starts up Navman's Smart ST software, you can do some nifty stuff like install a media player or games.

  • First, download
  • Connect your GPS unit to the PC. 2 new drives should appear.
  • Optional: Make a backup of the files (just using Windows Explorer)
  • Leave the files there!
  • Extract and run "Setup.exe"
  • Click "Install Desktop"
  • Close the program
  • IMPORTANT! Safely remove the Navman before unplugging it!

There you have it, now you can access the start menu and the system settings. It's a bit tricky to control, but I find it easier with the DS stylus.

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