PSP: Load homebrew and ISO images off the memory stick with official firmware 6.31 and 6.35

*update 06/02/2011* If you're on 6.35, there is a MUCH EASIER way of doing this. I've written a guide for running HEN directly from the XMB menu. It's totally worth upgrading to 6.35 for this!


Its been a long wait since when I bought my PSP till Total_Noob released his homebrew enabler (HEN) for official firmware (OFW) 6.20.
Now its been ported to v6.31 and v6.35! This isn't the same HEN which Total_Noob is working on, but it'll do for now.

Essential ingredients

Now depending on which firmware you have, select one of the following:
You may also need to upgrade your firmware. I chose 6.31, because its more likely to have exploits that 6.35 doesn't have. Find the right firmware here.

How it works

While you're waiting for the downloads to finish, here is some light reading without the technical details. The idea is much like the Twilight Princess hack which got the Wii homebrew community started.
It involves crafting a special save game file which triggers an exploit in a certain game. Fortunately this time "Minna no Sukkiri (demo)" is a free demo rather than a full game you have to pay for.
Once the exploit starts, it loads a special set of files which enable homebrew on your PSP. It then automatically restarts your PSP back to the menu with homebrew functionality enabled.
You can then run any homebrew software, including ones which load ISO images ;)

How to do it

If you haven't done so already, put your memory stick into the PSP and format memory stick using the PSP's menu.
  • Go to "Settings"
  • "System Settings"
  • "Format memory stick"
Now take the memory stick (ms) out and plug it into your PC for some prep work.
  • Make a new folder on your computer somewhere and call it "MSCARD".
  • Extract all the files from "" into that folder.
  • Extract "EBOOT.PBP" from "" (or and move it to "MSCARD\hbl\menu\", replacing the one from HBL.
  • Create a folder called "MSCARD\ISO".
  • Create a folder called "MSCARD\PSP\GAME".
  • Create a folder called "MSCARD\PSP\SAVEDATA".
  • Create a folder called "MSCARD\PSP\UPDATE".
  • Extract the contents of "minna no sukkiri" into "MSCARD\PSP\GAME\NPJG90047".
  • Extract the contents of "" (found inside minna no sukkiri and extract it to "MSCARD\PSP\SAVEDATA\UCJS10094".
  • Extract the contents of "" to "MSCARD\PSP\GAME\Prometheus_Iso_loader".
This is what your directory structure should now look like.
Once you've checked that everything is right, move all the stuff from this folder into the root folder of your memory stick.
Homebrew games go into "ms:\PSP\GAME" while ISO files go into "ms:\ISO".
(Optional: How to update the PSP firmware)
If you're running firmware lower than 6.31, you'll need to update it.
  • Extract "EBOOT.PBP" from "PSP Firmware 6.31 Update (" into "ms:\PSP\GAME\UPDATE".
  • Go to your PSP menu
  • "Settings"
  • "System Update"
  • Follow the steps.

Running the homebrew!

Alright, time for the test run! This is the process to enable homebrew every time you turn off the PSP (by holding the power switch for a second or two, not hibernating it). If you hibernate it, you can still load the homebrew from the XMB.
  • In the PSP menu, go to "Game".
  • "Memory Stick"
  • "Minna no Sukkiri demo"
  • Wait for a bloody long time until you get to the main menu.
  • Select the bottom option.
  • It should display some whacky Japanese error message for a moment and then reboot back into the menu.
If it does not reboot and shuts down instead, you're missing the h.bin file and "hbl" folder from the root of your memory card.
If it boots into a funky menu with some lightning dude where you can select "Prometheus ISO loader", you've forgotten to replace the EBOOT.PBP file with the appropriate HEN file for 6.31 or 6.35.
  • After the PSP has restarted back into the menu
  • Go into "Game" again.
  • "Memory stick"
  • Select "Prometheus ISO Loader"
  • Select your game and enjoy!
If the screen blacks out, change the "Current ISO mode" between "M33 driver" and "NP9660" by pressing SELECT on the ISO loader screen.
I forgot what the default was, but just change it and see what happens.
Don't worry about any memory leak messages, its normal.
This is working well on my Japanese PSP 3000, but since we all run the same firmware it should be fine for all.
A big thanks to everyone who contributed to the homebrew scene to get it all working this well!


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