Room Cleanout 2010!

Some of you might remember the last time I did a major cleanup 3 years ago when I threw out gave away a bunch of stuff.

(Scroll down for the list of stuff)

free stuff anyone ...  - Windows Live
Back in 2007...

Well, its happening again!

First of all, I'm sorry to those who gave me presents which are being given away. I'm just running out of room so stuff just has to go! Don't take it personally, I mean there's some stuff here from over 2 decades ago just collecting dust.

If you want something, just leave a comment or contact me on Facebook/IM and we'll work something out.

First come first served. If nobody claims it then it'll go on eBay. If its not sold I'll just put it up on Gumtree or palm it off to little nieces/nephews.

Another note, if you want something but you're from overseas, just pay for shipping and I'll post it off to you (in a box of course).

IMG_0219 IMG_0220
The give-away

Stuff that is not free

  • $30: Guitar Hero 1 on Wii (with game and guitar) Nimol Yol
  • $20: NetComm NB5Plus4W (ADSL2+ modem with 11g wireless)
  • $10: Sound Blaster Vibra 128 PCI sound card
  • $15: Resident Evil Collection Tin Case (No movies! Fits 3)
    (pic #14)
  • $10: Spiderman 3 Tin Case (No movie! Fits 1) (pic #15)

Stuff that IS free


  • Keyring finder (with batteries) Nimol Yol
  • Screen guard for 4" screens
  • Wall-E rubix cube Thi
  • Pin point impression (pic #6) Jennatools
  • Mazda "Zoom Zoom" yoyo (lights up when spun) Raechel
  • Phone case for Nokia phone
  • Looney Tunes and Marvel tazo pieces and Sonic the Hedgehog glow-in-the-dark slammer (pic #1) Raechel
  • 3 bow hair-ties (I think they're Helen's?) (pic #2) Thienticles
  • Expandable colourful thingy (pic #17) Thienticles MUM!
  • Pokeball with Pokemon inside (pic #18) Thienticles MUM!
  • Sonic the Hedgehog games (x2) (pic #18) Elaine
  • Sonic the Hedgehog candy dispenser (pic #18, on the right) Elaine
  • Yellow Robot thingy (pic #18) MUM!
  • Purple Zizzle (pic #18) MUM!
  • Bionicle (pic #18, black thing) Thienticles MUM!
  • Naruto figurines: Neji, Rock Lee, Naruto x2, Gaara, Kakashi, Sasuke, Sakura Bien MUM!
  • Bag of marbles Jennatools
  • A Halloween candy container (pic #22, the big one) MUM!
  • Small McDonalds Halloween pumpkin MUM!

Soft toys

  • Graduation teddy (pic #3, left) Vania
  • Polar bear (pic #3, middle) Vania
  • Me 2 U bear (pic #3, right) Elaine
  • 3 fishies Vania
  • Small brown teddy with movable limbs (pic #5, left) Vania
  • Fluffy teddy bear (pic #24, right) Vania
  • Looney Tunes - Road Runner Bien
  • Little Miss something (pic #5, third from left) Veronica
  • That little Kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh (I think?) (pic #5, right) Vania
  • M&M plush toy Tammy or Veronica
  • Giraffe plush toy (very soft) Veronica


  • 1.2gb PATA harddrive
  • Canon ixus i5 (Shutter is stuck, if you can fix it then you have a perfectly working camera) Bien
  • USB infra-red adaptor
  • CD writer (24x write, 10x rewrite, 40x read) Jessi-Guitar
  • Dynalink ADSL1 modem
  • ASUS EN7300GT Silent PCI-E graphics card
  • White Speakers (pic #12) Studster Keou
  • Logitech R-20 speakers (Power button needs to be replaced, then you have a perfectly working set of speakers) Thi
  • Doraemon phone dangly thing (lights up when you get a call) (pic #21) Jaja


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  2. IMG_0310
  3. IMG_0311
  4. IMG_0312
  5. IMG_0313
  6. IMG_0314
  7. IMG_0317
  8. IMG_0319
  9. IMG_0320IMG_0321
  10. IMG_0322
  11. IMG_0323
  12. IMG_0324
  13. IMG_0330IMG_0331
  14. IMG_0332
  15. IMG_0333
  16. IMG_0337
  17. IMG_0340
  18. IMG_0342
  19. IMG_0345
  20. IMG_0346
  21. IMG_0347
  22. IMG_0348 
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