Atomic Bomberman: How to open RSS sound files

One of my favourite Bomberman games of all time. Insanity, loads of hidden features, wide variety of levels which affect your character, great music that gets you going and a VERY amusing array of character voices/insults.

They just don't make games like this anymore.

So after 15 years or so, I wanted to grab some music off it for my MP3 player. Unfortunately, I completely forgot how to read the RSS file formats which the game uses.

As I discovered from GoldS on, the files are in a raw sound format, so RSS (back in the 90's) presumably stands for raw sound stream.

I couldn't get this to read properly in Adobe Audition, so I tried out an alternative called Goldwave.

When you've got this installed:

  • Open or drag in the sound file you want to play
  • The default settings are perfect for opening the sound streams.
  • Leave it as Raw (snd, raw), PCM signed 16bit, little endian, mono, 44100 Hz.
  • Click OK and you can listen to it.

To batch process the 2,037 files, you'll need to define the format first. Otherwise, prepare to click "OK" 2,037 times upon import.

  • In the main menu, go to "Options" > "File Formats"
  • On "Undetectable types", click "Add"
  • Enter in "RSS" for the extension and copy the settings from above.
  • Save it and use batch process from the "File" menu.

I sure hope Interplay don't mind me giving these instructions out, but it's still an awesome game after so many years!

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