Ubuntu and LinuxMint: Disable Routine check of drives

It's funny when Linux enthusiasts bag out Windows (even if they haven't used it since Windows 3.11 or 95), especially when they say "oh look another update" or "damn its scanning again".

What's funnier is that they defend it when Linux displays similar characteristics such as, oh I dunno, "routine check of drives"?

This is even more annoying than Windows because it scans on both fixed time periods and after a certain number of boots. At least Windows only checks after a crash.

Pot kettle black anyone?

Anyone, to disable this annoying feature, you need root access.

Then open up a terminal and type in:

sudo tune2fs -c 0 -i 0 /dev/sda1

Where sda1 is your device name. You'll need to do it for all drives.

Most sites will only give you the -c option, which is fine because that disables the automatic scan after X number of boots.

But you'll also need the -i flag to disable the scan after a certain time period such as "1 week" or so.

[ Source, Linux user hypocrisy ]

"The check is there for a reason, not to annoy you. If you disable it then you put your files and data at risk"

"In Jaunty, the time for the check is minimal and beats trying to remember to run scandisk in Windows"

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