VMware: Change boot sequence to load CD

I wanted to try out a copy of ophcrack live CD and realised I had a bit of trouble pressing F2 quick enough to get into the BIOS settings.

It's tricky because it skips that screen so quickly, but you can use the mouse to give focus to the VM and press F2 as quick as possible.

Luckily, we can add an artificial delay so it'll give us humans a fighting chance at changing some BIOS settings for the VM.

  • Go to where you VM files are located.
  • Look for the ".vmx" file.
  • Open it up in notepad.
  • Add (or find) the line which has "bios.bootDelay"
  • Add bios.bootDelay = delay in milliseconds

If you want it to wait 3 seconds, use the value of 3000.

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