PSP: Running Homebrew Enabler (HEN) directly from XMB with 6.35

With the discovery of the PSP keys within the PS3 firmware, homebrew can be run directly from the XMB as they are signed with the official signatures.
Using the original firmware, you can run a signed copy of HEN straight from the XMB without having to run any "Minna no Sukkiri (demo)" exploits.
To do that, you'll need:
  • PSP original firmware v6.35
  • A way to access the memory stick.
  • A signed version of HEN (I'm using liquidzigong's 6.35 PRO)
  • The rest of the instructions for setting it up are the same as homebrew for 6.31 except you do not need to do anything related to "Minna no Sukkiri" demo/save data.
If you need to update, the firmware updates go into ms:\PSP\GAME\UPDATE


  • Move your current HEN files ("ms:\h.bin" and "ms:\hbl") to a backup folder (in case anything goes pear shaped).
  • Extract EBOOT.PBP from the HEN archive into "ms:\PSP\GAME\635PROHEN"
  • That is all.


  • From the memory card, select "635 HEN by Coldbird & VF".
  • This will reboot your PSP as usual and then bring you back to the main menu.
  • Then select your homebrew (ie. Prometheus ISO loader) and enjoy!
  • This is living.
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