Sony Xperia X10 Mini - Setting up USB drivers for Android debugging

I hate having to install software suites just to get the device to detect on my machine. More annoyingly, those software suites usually come with a bunch of shit I never need.

So, I extracted a set of files from the Sony Companion 2.01 installer which contained the drivers and installed JUST that manually.

Steps to get the drivers

You have two choices. If you want to trust the file I've uploaded, then download it here. They came from "Sony_Ericsson_PC_Companion_2.01.110.exe"

Otherwise, you can get it directly from Sony and extract it yourself.

  • Download PC Companion 2.0 from the official site.
  • Run the installer so it shows up but do NOT advance through.
  • Go to %TEMP% in Windows Explorer and search for ""
  • Copy it to a safe place.
  • Close the installer without installing anything.

Installing the device

  • Extract the contents of and you should see 2 folders, "x86" and "x86x64".
  • Plug in your phone.
  • Windows should ask for drivers for it.
  • Tell it to look at the "x86x64" folder.
  • It should automatically know what to do from there.
  • Enjoy bloat free debugging!
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