Invention: Inside Car Window Cleaner Thingymabobby

If you've ever owned a car for over a year, you'll know how annoying it is to drive during the colder rainy seasons due to the window fogging up from the inside.

This is due to some moisture crap in the car that heats up during the day and sticks to the inside of the window. The moisture can be from passengers, garbage in the car or just the cleaning agents people use to keep the interior clean.

When it comes to rubbing that crap off, oh man, you'll need elbow grease and determination. That shit is hard to get off. It takes a few hard rubs to get it off, a good cloth that wont dust it up and also a good angle to sit at.

The front window is fairly easy to clean compared to the back one, as you'd have to reach further into a weird position. Not to mention the fact that you'll NEVER be able to clean the very last bit of the window =\

Someone needs to invent a long arm cleaning thing like a broom for the inside of the car that just wipes it clean. Something like a window wiper would be awesome! One swipe and whalla, visibility is restored!

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