Lotus Notes: Change the default browser which links open up in

Sticking with Lotus Notes is like being content with using a stone wheel. I mean it might be slow and rough around the edges, but it still gets the job done and thats what matters... right...?

Well anyway, another day in the office, another trick learnt on this old dog. I still cant decide if I'm referring to my work PC or Lotus Notes, but I know that I'm really sick of links in Lotus Notes opening up in Internet Explorer 8.

Its uber slow to start on the even slower computer and every link I click reuses the same tab on IE8 (even when I've changed the stupid settings!!!) and I constantly have to keep clicking back.

Luckily, our miserable Lotus Notes does have an option to change the default program to open up internet links. Unfortunately, its stashed away under a series of convoluted menus.

  • In the menu, click "File"
  • "Preferences"
  • "Location Preferences ..."
  • Select the "Internet Browser" tab
  • Click the little dropdown arrow beside your current browser (Probably says "Microsoft Internet Explorer")image
  • Select "Other"
  • Click on the flashlight icon to find your browser executable.image
  • Remember to click "Save and close"

Now send yet another angry email telling your IT manager to get off his ass and do his job. That is to migrate from this ancient piece of shit to another email exchange system that isn't from the Genghis Khan dynasty.

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