Win7: Taskbar tooltips don't go away or become sticky on hover over items, even when mouse goes away

Sometimes a strange quirk occurs with Windows 7 when the taskbar tooltip constantly appears, even when the mouse isn't on an item.

I'm still not sure what causes it, but symptoms are:

  1. Move your mouse over one of the taskbar items (even if its briefly without stopping)
  2. Move the mouse away
  3. If the tooltip shows up, you've got the same problem I have.
  4. Now if you move the mouse horizontally around the screen (whilst not on the taskbar), the tooltip will change to match the taskbar item which is vertically below the cursor.

I'll try to record it next time the bug occurs.

One solution is to simply restart the Explorer process, but of course you lose some taskbar icons which is quite annoying.

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