Win7: Choose between versions at setup

If you've downloaded the RTM version of Windows 7 and for some reason DONT want the Ultimate edition, there's an easy way to choose upon installation.

It does involve editing the image prior to burning, so you'll need a program like MagicISO or PowerISO to do that.

Once you open up the ISO image, you have two choices:

a) Delete iso://sources/ei.cfg (Easiest)
Save and burn the image. When the installer runs, it will ask you which version you wish to install.

Now you're done :)

b) Modify iso://sources/ei.cfg to set the default (Harder)

This will change the default installation and will not prompt you what version you wish to install.

Extract ei.cfg to a temporary location and edit it with Notepad. The default values for ei.cfg are:


Change the values to any of the possible values:

  • EditionID
    "Ultimate", "Professional", "HomePremium", "HomeBasic" or "Starter".
  • Channel
    "Retail" or "OEM"
  • VL (Volume License)
    "1" (true) or "0" (false)

Once thats done, update the image and burn it.

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